Is this an okay idea to settle "Somewhat" Not as Described?

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  1. I hesitate to say Significantly-NAD since I don't know when it crosses the "significant" line, and no, I'm not one who tries to get something from sellers after the fact. I love to rave in fb when I get a great bag.:yes:

    I bought a bag I had previously sold-&-regretted from a really sweet seller. I know the style so it's not buyers remorse, but it was described as "near-new, used 5-6 times." IRL though I can tell it has been used quite a bit - several blemishes/wear&tear/stain not revealed and the hardy leather has softened significantly. What I paid was slightly high but worth it for a near-new bag, to me at least. Problem is, it's not and I'm not jumping for joy at getting my "baby" back (well, someone else's baby).

    I haven't contacted the seller because I'm bummed and don't like complaining. She's nice and has great feedback. She was excited the bag was going to a loving home. The auction mentions no return policy, and it's overseas so it's expensive to ship, although I think I've escaped customs charges. I'm torn on whether to swallow this one.

    Meanwhile the discount came back since I BIN'ed, and today I got a 10% ebay coupon. So I was thinking, should I tell the seller of my disappointments (and how specific should I be so as not to offend her? the list is a bit long!) and ask if, as a win-win, she would be willing to re-list the bag so I can get the discounts and get the price I think suits the bag, she gets the price SHE wanted, we avoid re-shipping overseas, etc. :shrugs: We could mutually agree to refund/cancel the other transaction - I'd even be willing to pay her again before she refunded the first transaction so the risk is not hers. I think she'd get a free re-list too so she wouldn't be out anything but time.

    Is that crazy? Would it work with eBay rules for ending transactions? (I've only had one mutual ending as a seller with a NPB-tPFer!)

    Or would you just eat the disappointment/lesson-learned don't buy 2nd hand? Or ask to return it?

    WWYD? Thanks!
  2. I would bit it, however I would contact the seller and say that you were less than pleased about with the wear/condition of the bag. That way they know next time they should be more specific when it comes to condition. Most people say I'm too "minnesota nice" when it comes to ebay. LOL
  3. ^LOL minnesota nice!

    Yeah, I was planning to suck it up until I noticed random purple-ish black shoe-polish sheen tonight under brighter lights, and I got a bit more torqued :yucky: What was she thinking??
  4. What would make you happy? For me, it would depend on how much it would cost to return it vs. whether another bag is likely to be listed soon. Depending on how much you paid, is it worth the cost to ship it back or would you be better off seeking a refund of part of the purchase price? Any chance the bag could be refurbished?

    The seller may not have "seen" the blemishes, if it's something she's used and loved, her eye may not have noticed the faults. I'd contact her and attempt to work something out, it sounds as though it was used way more than 5-6 times unless it was taken to the rodeo and trampled on one of its 5-6 outings.