Is this an LVOE bag charm/key chain I see?

  1. Just looking at the pics on

    Take a close look at this bag. Is that a plastic LVOE bag charm on there?

  2. That is one ugly bag
  3. lol what is that bag doing? it's a mess!
  4. Tell me about it. :sick:
  5. yeah there are 2 bags which I think look like CRAP, and I actually like the denim line, but I think the bag charm might be cute!

  6. :lol: My sentiments exactly! :roflmfao:

    To the OP, it looks like it might be a purse charm or maybe something that is on the bag itself.
    It's hard to tell from the pic.
  7. The lvoe is everywhere, here a pic of karen invite from her blog

  8. The bag's okaaay....Again, things change from the runway to the store so let's wait-n-see. Cool invitation tho :supacool:
  9. ugh...I think that bag is horrendous! it reminds me of the coach demin patchwork bag...nothing against coach...I just abhor the looks sloppy!
  10. The bag doesn't look classy at all. LV is supposed to look classy!
  11. might be but it could also be an add-on to that bag....but I think the LoVe design is popular enough to get a charm made..
  12. Yeah the bag is a hot mess but I love the LVOE logo. It's adorable. I can't wait to see what theyre gonna come out with that logo...
  13. Is that a denim bag in the shape of a pochette accessories!!! Ugly or not...I want one.
  14. I think you're right! Wow that'd awesome it that were it :nuts:
  15. Maybe the patchwork will make it harder for counterfeiters to imitate it. If it's always the same bag, same patchwork style, then I think fakers will have a hard time going through the stitching process to make one.:idea:

    It would be freaky if I was right! :nuts: