Is this an ice blue city?

  1. If so then it's the only blue that I LOOOOOOVE :love: It's so soft and pretty, almost like a tinted white. I swear I think Nicole Richie has BBags in EVERY color made :blink:
  2. i think sooooo...OMG!!! I would kill for Nicole's Balenciaga bags:lol:
  3. ^me too... me too...

    yep ice blue city. great color!
  4. who is that she's talkin' with? it looks like Sean Penn, but i'm probably waaaay off! LOL! damn, i love all her bags! that ice blue is killa! i love it! AAHHH!!! :nuts:
  5. Yep - I have that b-bag and it is gorgeous!! :love:
  6. Logan are you trying to make me jealous LOL? The black city in my avatar is on the way thanks to you and other members. Yay!!!
  7. nicole is so lucky to have great colour b-bags!
  8. DROOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!