Is this an authentic GOYARD??

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  1. No. This is a FAKE. The handles are off, the stitching is all wrong...and you should not be able to see the chevron pattern on the inside of the bag.
  2. I hate E bay. Yuck... why do people post fakes and ruin it for everyone.
  3. Besides, for the amount she's wanting PLUS shipping--you could get the real thing! (Well--almost!)
  4. Wow, that's surprising. That seller has a great reputation on eBay. I bought my LV Musette from her and it's definitely authentic.
  5. Well, I think this might be a real deal actually..I have seen fake goyards out there, and a tell-tale sign of a fake is the 'E Goyard Honore' wordings in the print; with the fakes, it's all 'smudged' up, which is unlike what I saw in the pictures. And the colour of this blue looks right (I know because I was having a really tough time deciding between the green and this marine blue colour croisiere 45..)

    Also, I think the seller is very professional with the pictures she put on there, very well covered with the angles.

    The ONLY thing I'm not really comfortable is the fact that way the bag was 'stuffed up' (I assume she was trying to make the bag stand up or something) looks really unattractive and it leaves me wondering whether the (poor) bag has already been deformed (from over stuffing)..(notice how the seams looked a little 'bloated'..)

    Hope this helps..and I'm sorry if I'd thrown you completely off-track leaving you the difficult task of deciding..

    Good luck with it all..

    Be well.
  6. I meant to say UN COMFORTABLE in the 3rd paragraph.. bad..
  7. Oops..(this is getting worse)..I was right in the first place..ok ok..I think I should just stop explaining/correcting myself before it gets any worse..