Is this an actual LV piece?

  1. Sorry, fake
  2. pretty sure its a fake, anybody else??
  3. Sorry this looks fake to me. You can also post this in the authenticate this LV thread, you may get even more info there. Good luck
  4. yeah, looks fake.
  5. Yup, definite fake. Keychain was never made and colors are off. The only things that's probably the closest to a small MC keychain like that is the MC Astropill?
  6. the orange! omg, burning my eyes
  7. Yes, I'd definately say FAKE. Even the box is a fake!
  8. Ask for your money back, if they won't return for full refund, file a claim- under counterfeit or significantly not as described.
  9. Next time remember to post in the authenticate this before bidding. :yes: Hope you get your money back!
  10. Yeah definitely fake..the part that gets me is this (WHERE does it retail for that price? The stores don't sell it):

    This Louis Vuitton keychain retails for over $79