Is this an AA chip on Lindsey?

  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone know the scoop on this?
  2. Hmm, I don't know. People who get them are usually proud, but don't go wearing them as acessories. I will have to ask our A&D counselor at our office.
  3. yea. i heard something about that being an AA chip,
    but i`m not sure
  4. i have them that looks nothing like the ones i have, but they make have different ones out there.
  5. on it is said that she wore it as a tribute to one of her friends.. :shrugs:
  6. It could be an Over Eaters Anonymous chip too. OA treats ALL eating disorders from Over eating to Anorexia! May explain how she seems to not be so boney anymore!
  7. Well if it's an AA chip for her then good for her! :smile:
  8. I also read that (not on, tho).
  9. Probably just another trendy cool accessory for her
  10. I agree.
  11. good point she has been eating for the last 90 days...good on her...
  12. I really hope that she is getting her act together. It is a shame what she has been through, I really hope she is back on the right track!
  13. I'm sure that's what one of her "people" whipped up once people started asking questions :P
  14. LOL true!!!!!!!
  15. looks like one to me. my friend has some. but theyre metal.