Is this an 03 black first?

  1. Trying to figure it out...candid says from 03 so that's why I *think* it must be 03? Thanks!

  2. 1) Man she looks terrible!

    2) I think its one of the first ones - the flat-brass ones.
  3. It looks like '01 or '02 flat brass :smile:
  4. wow so that one is probably impossible to it though. thanks! And yeah, that's a bad picture of kirsten lol.
  5. ^ it's not 'impossible' there have been a few recently! :smile:
  6. I can't see her through the hair, but the tennis shoes and no socks make me go :huh: ??
  7. oooohh I think I'm getting a little too excited -- but does that look like a dark brown flat brass classique? Or maybe it's just black?
  8. No it's definitely black. There's a zillion pics of her w/a black one and I was trying to get a closeup to show the hardware.
  9. it looks like 01'
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