Is this allowed?

  1. I was browsing for Cabas bag in eBay and this item is currently listed.
    The retail price of the bag is $1795 and its currently being offered in eBay for $2500?
    Can they do that?
  2. Why not? They can demand whatever price they want.
  3. yuppp... they can, (well... if its authentic they can!) sometimes bags are limited or in high demand, and people know that and will try to capitalize off of it
  4. sure!
  5. its one of the snakey things bout a bag being very hot and it being listed on eBay...the sellers think because the bag is so in demand, they have the right to ask inflated prices! personally i have seen very few buyers buy the hugely inflated bags...and am on ebay constantly!
  6. Wow, 700 bucks profit. Must be nice :nuts:
  7. LOL..The joy of Ebay..I never go there..EEK!
  8. They can ask whatever they want. I doubt anyone will buy it though. :shrugs:
  9. yep of course they can do that. as long as there's a demand for it, these sellers will choose to make a tidy profit and hence the higher than retail bid price!
    there was a HUGE debate about something like this on the LV forums a while back... it got a bit ugly at some points =(
  10. yes they can, and yes, people will buy it!
    i've seen a 995$ coco cabas vinyl ends at more than 1900$ which is almost like twice the price?