Is this allowed on Ebay??

  1. :censor: That is so annoying :mad:

    Sounds like someone trying to make money off of a restocking fee. That bag is so fake it isn't even funny. That seller is aiming for the completely naive bidders. That's just.... despicable. :Push:
  2. The nerve!....can't believe the seller has the nerve to DEMAND a positive feedback up front even with an obvious fake....what does he expect the buyer to do -- leave a "positive" feedback saying "superb service, what a great FAKE bag"?!

    Do we have grounds (within official eBay rules) to report this listing?
  3. That's ridiculous...
  4. and somehow, amazingly, this kind of seller flies under the eBay radar...
  5. Well, I just reported all her listings. eBay doesn't do much to sellers outside the US though, but maybe... I think it's against policy to solicit feedback - and while I know a lot of replica sellers require this, I've never seen anyone actually state it in the auction before. Nervy!