Is this aged or distressed calfskin? Are they the same? How to clean?

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  1. So a friend of my recently saw my bag and called it aged and I've been calling it distressed for the longest time. Which is it and is it the same?

    This is a picture of my bag that I found online, I'm a little too lazy to grab my bag from the closet!


    Also, what's the best way to condition this bag? Which brand/conditioner for this type of leather?

    I haven't used it in a while and thought that I would "shop my closet" and bring her out more this summer! It would be great if I can make her feel new again because there are some small marks on the bottom of the bag that I'm hoping some light conditioning would look great again/blend it in.

    Any help is appreciated! ;)
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  2. I couldn't be 100% sure but I thought this may be better described as aged? The leather of your bag don't have the deliberate wrinkle/lines look in the leather that I associate with distressed calf.

    I thought distressed calf usually come with some deliberate wrinkles hence distressed - referring to the leather on reissue (which you can easily find photos of on this forum).

    That is a nice blue bag, I would totally wear it all the time if I have it (though I'm sure you have lots of bag and sometimes it's hard to wear them all and give them their fair share of love!) :lol:
  3. Thanks! Any recommendations on how to condition this leather? I've only ever conditioned Hermes box and Balenciaga leathers.
  4. ^ Thanks! I went to the calfskin section and saw more questions than a big group consensus. The only product I saw repeating was Cadillac, so it's okay to assume that majority of members here recommend Cadillac boot and shoe for Calfskin? If yes then I'm lucky because I have a bottle at home!