Is this actually an Issey Miyake bag?

  1. I think this is the right forum to pose this question. I couldn't find a megathread for this, so I'm starting a new one.

    This is the mystery bag that I saw a few years ago on the sartorialist, but after researching Issey Miyake bags the other day, I came across it again.

    This is the mystery bag:

    A lot of people say that it's the Issey Miyake Bilbao bag from the Pleats Please collection. I don't think it is. If you look very closely, the triangles on that bag form hexagons, almost like a bucky ball, whereas on Issey Miyake's bag, the triangles compose larger squares.

    Miyake Bilbao Bag:

    I've been desperately trying to figure out who designed the original black bag, and what style it's called. I really really want it, I'm pretty obsessed with it at the moment.

    This is the original sartorialist post:
  2. It's an Issey Miyake Pleats Please bag from a long long time ago. That style hasn't been in production in years. It's different than the Bilbao they make now. It has a more circular shape and doesn't have a zip top like the newer ones.

    The lady who holds it in the pic, works at MOMA and they occasionally stock Pleats Please bags. I'm guessing that's where she got hers from. The only other place I know that stocks Pleats Please is the boutque in NYC and Joan Shepp. Hope that helps.
  3. Ughhhhhhh. That's so depressing to hear. Do you if the style is also called Bilbao? I want to try to find other pictures of it so I can at least look at it :sad:
  4. Hi Katsu,
    I just found this site and your query late last night...I have this Pleats Please bag! I call it a "Geodesic Dome Handbag"--don'tknow the actual product name. Plese visit and see the 6.15.2009 post for photos. Enjoy the look.
    Cheers, Cady/cakes
  5. I want it my own!!!
  6. i pefer the pleats please.. sad its out of production now