Is this acceptable?

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    I found an auction that has listed my "old" auction reference number in their description. This isn't allowed is it, and should I be okay with this? They are trying to show that mine sold for a considerably higher dollar amount, by showing how low their BIN is.
  2. No one knows the answer?
    Or did my post not make sense?:push:
  3. Hi Pinksuadesoho - your post made sense to me and to be completely honest with you l am not too sure whether this is allowed or not. The only thing that l would not be comfortable with is if some eBay newbie thinks your pictures by uploading the item is perhaps the same item.

    However, l dont think it is very ethical thing to do. Perhaps somebody else will give you their thoughts on this.
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    I don't think they would think it's the same item since the seller listed my auction number only in her description. The people reading her auction, would have to copy and paste the auction number in the search box to look it up. They would then see what mine sold for. It just shows what a good deal she is trying to convey to bidders. How little she is putting her BIN at. For some reason it seems shady to me. :sad: Thanks for your response!:rolleyes:

  5. ITA seem a little shady to me as well. Why would you have to justify your price by listing somebody elses listing number, she/he should have an idea what the item should sell for.
  6. :tup: Right on!
    I think her intent is to say, "Look how cheap I have my item listed for", compared to what these two sellers sold theirs for. She wants to make a point that she is listing a bargain.:nogood: Just not right, but perhaps that is her only way of selling? This is her second time of re-listing btw:lol:

    eBay is :cursing:
  7. ^^ i'm not 100% sure, but it doesn't sound ethical to me, especially if you haven't given her permission...i've never heard of anyone doing that before...i'd try to contact e-bay & see if they can help you :tup:
  8. ^^^Thanks^^:smile: I actually did contact eBay, and they said it wasn't allowed. However, the live chat girl seemed very unsure, even with her answer as to no, not acceptable. I sent eBay an email again inquiring. I guess I will hear back sometime well after the auction has ended.:push:

  9. I would really like to hear their reply as it is not something l have seen on TPF before. It would possibly alert other members as to what is allowed and what is not.
  10. I believe reading this terms of service or policy. it is not allowed. You might want to read that in case you need some back up. But what they are doing is not right.
  11. in that case i would contact the seller and ask them to remove the number as well as report them to ebay
  12. I dont know for sure if its allowed or not but I'd be pretty annoyed if that were me. If I had ever resold something I bought I always asked the seller if I could refer to their auction or use their pics.
  13. I honestly don't think that is allowed...try calling the ebay help line to see what they say. good luck!
  14. Thanks everyone. I did email the seller thru eBay. She won't respond. I emailed eBay and I probably won't hear back until her auction is over. I just noticed she has been using my auction number each time she re-lists. Hopefully I can catch her at the beginning of her next auction. It really does seem unethical and unfair.:push:
  15. She took down my reference number and the other person as well. Said she didn't know, but hard to say....

    She says she bought the item off of eBay and decided it wasn't for her. However in her auction she claims it's originally hers. I wish people would be honest.:sad: