Is This A Yes Or A No Or Maybe...??


May 4, 2007
As with buying any premium brand denim on eBay it can be a risky business. I found a seller with the exact pair of Rock & Republic skinny jeans I want but they were only $50. So I sent the following e-mail to the seller

"Hi, Do you have a money back guarantee if these are found not to be authentic? I would get them authenticated if I won. Many thanks, Emma :0)"

They responded with this........

" I do not accept returns as with all my auctions. I am a very honest person and seller check my feedback on other items I have sold specifically Rock and Republic jeans I do not sell and have never sold fake merchandise. Not only is it illegal to sell Fake stuff I personally think it is wrong. The pictures you see in the listing are of the the actual jeans not stock photos. I can send you additional pictures just provide your email address. Also if you ever receive merchandise on eBay that is fake you can always file a dispute with paypal for a refund. Hope this answers your question let me know if you need additional assistance."

Am I being a dunce or does she not actually confirm that these are authentic?? Please feel free to correct me


Dooney Girl
May 2, 2007
Well she does say that you can open a dispute w/ Paypal. It's common knowledge that paypal sides w/ buyers on that sort of thing, so I doubt she would even mention it as an option if they were not authentic.


May 4, 2007
I guess so, you know it's just one of those things that had the jeans even been $100 I may not have been worried but even in the US $50 for a pair of R&R jeans is VERY cheap!


May 4, 2007
*heypursegirl* thanks so much for that! I think I may take a prowl on their forum


Mar 28, 2007
I don't sell fake anything, and if I was being inundated with a lot of questions about authenticity of an item, I might have the same sort of reply.
Sometimes sellers get insulted about authenticity questions, and will reply like this. I know I have done this in the past. Especially if I'm not having the greatest day...
Personally, I think she told you that the jeans are authentic in her own way.
Also, just because a seller lists an item for a low starting bid, it does not mean the item is a fake.
Sellers start low because of the cost of listing items is based on the opening bid. The higher the opening bid, the higher the listing fee.


Jan 9, 2007
I agree with citcat. Just because an item has a low starting bid does not mean it is a fake. When I do sell, I list all of my items at $9.99, there are enough sellers starting their listings at $99.99, 129.99, etc., etc. In fact, the last item I sold, ended for almost double what the other sellers with higher starting bids received for their item.


Apr 18, 2006
For me, this tone is okay. Last time I questioned a seller of authenticity (this seller was selling Abercrombie items). He didn't answer me directly but said go check his feedback. He has high feedback but one of them was neutral and said the item was not authentic. I replied to him and said that's what I did so I was questioning him. He never replied.
Dec 11, 2006
oh yeah, the tone is ok although she could have just said, yes it is authentic.

sorry, but why get exasperated with that kind of question? you are selling, and it is perfectly understandable if someone asks that. I know that anyone can say their stuff is authentic both in listing and reply, but in a dispute/claim I like to have email proof that the seller told me specifically the item is authentic.

but as for your jeans: I have bought authentic j brands (2 pairs) for very little money on ebay UK and US. I don't think the starting price is really always an indicator as a lot of fakes go for a lot of money. (actually I just bought a pair of shoes for around $20 which usually cost around $300. this designer isn't faked (yet) so I am curious to see whether there is anything else wrong with them...) but being exasperated with a question in a business type of situation always puts me off.
Jan 19, 2007
Pug City
I actually bought Rock and Republic jeans from a seller with well over 200 positive feedbacks for selling jeans, etc. and I was sent FAKE Rock and Republics, they were awful! When I asked the seller before bidding if they were authentic he said yes, but what I was sent was an awful fake version, I wouldn't be caught dead in them! I am not saying this is the case with your seller as I think you need to treat Ebay as a case by case thing, but be careful there are loads of fake Rock and Republics out there.