Is This A Wow!?!

  1. that big Lily-like satchel on the floor . . . :drool:
  2. that is huge! is that a new size coming out? i've not seen that yet.
  3. *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant* That must be the carryon that they sold out of. At least I think they sold out of it. How freakin' gorgeous. *sigh* I seriously need to make more money.
  4. I was specifically thinking of YOU when I saw this!:yes:We will have to wait for a response from an SA, I searched every which way I could and did not find it at
  5. ^Aww. :heart: Did you ever know, that you're my heeeeeeeeeroooooooooo?

    Sorry, silly mood today. *LOL* I just love that Lily, and the carryon bag is beyond amazing. All that luscious leather..*le sigh*
  6. That is HUGGEEEE... wow. Oh wow.
  7. Holy cow....!!!! It's so pretty...I can't look away!
  8. Coach didn't make very many of them; if they are sold out I'm not surprised. That's a gorgeous bag.
  9. Thank God they sold out! Now I won't be tempted to try to figure out how to buy one! OMG, that's definitely a WOW!! Any idea what the retail on it was?
  10. holy washing machines batman....gorgeous!!!
  11. $1450 I believe was the retail :yes:
  12. I know, right? *L* I'm in the same boat as you. I would have been going through my collection, seeing what I could bear to return, and trying to gather up the money somehow. *LOL* This way is safer. Sad, but safe.

    I think it was around $1498 or something like that.
  13. ^^Yeah, what she said. :yes:
  14. Oh my gosh that's humongous!! It's gorgeous!!
  15. Dear Santa,

    I've been relatively good this year and would greatly appreciate it if you would hit that model in the head with your red bag and grab the bag on the floor next to her. If you get me that bag I promise to stop trying to form an elf union.