Is this a Vintage Ligne bag? Help identify please!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Saw a picture of this bag on craigslist. Just wondering what style this is. I know it looks like the Vintage Ligne satchel bags that I saw in the reference library, but the ones there didn't have that "dent" imprint in the diamond quilts.

    Is this from another ligne that's not in the reference libary?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. borrowed from *jennifer* at reference library thread:
  3. the bag looks weird and different in matter of material, but rather similar in shape, compared to the picture i found in the ref. library.. (picture above).

    are u sure the white bag @ craigslist is real??

    Chanel experts, correct me if I'm wrong
  4. ^That's what I was wondering. I'm thinking the one I saw on craigslist is fake as it is only selling for $250.

    I really like the design though, but just haven't seen that with those dent markings on it.

    Thanks. :yes:
  5. cherry youre not wrong. not only the material.
    but the chain handles (that wierd knot) and the obvious snowflake quilt design WTF? :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: who would even make this?
  6. It looks fake to me.
  7. very fake a very NOT Vintage Ligne:nogood:

    Chanel had a ligne a few years ago w/ a unique quilting that at best, was similar to that, but that's definitely not a Chanel bag.
  8. OMG! What a hideous fake! I have the Square VL bag that this bag is trying to copy. It's frustrating to see a fake of this bag because I just bought the real one hoping to get away from everyone thinking that my real Chanel Cambon tote was fake!!!!! I hope this fake doesn't become as popular as the fake Cambon tote.
  9. Okay, thanks guys!

    Well at least it's not a good fake. Apparently they even have fake reissues out already. :blink:
  10. don't worry vhdos, this doesn't even slightly resemble a Vintage Ligne bag IMO.
    I have a dark white VLT and this is a far cry!
  11. Oh that is so fake.
  12. i've seen fake VL bags too, esp the tote version.
    don't worry, vhdos! you can instantly tell they are copies. they are so obviously fake!
  13. Thanks for making me feel better! I just got so sick of everyone assuming that my Cambon was fake. I haven't worn my Cambon in months and probably never will again. My daughter is only 3 1/2 but maybe it will be a cool vintage someday....
  14. eh, I don't care if someone thinks I'm carrying a fake.
    In fact, I just bought a Cambon!