Is this a turq 04'? Mini with LOW BIN

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  1. Oh man that's tiny!! Or she has huge hands....
  2. Wow, watch this seller today! I had an Apple green mini in MINT condition that I sold for $399. Guess I could have gotten more, huh?
  3. It is tiny, I could barely fit my wallet inside~ but it's really cute!
  4. A fun evening bag for someone, I don't go out enough anymore (kids).
  5. Yes, I would say it's a turq '04 mini ! I've the '04 turq city and the color looks absolutely similar - it's a great color for summer :yes: !
  6. It's cute, but waaay too small. Too bad it's not a first or a city, I know someone here would have snatched it up quick :graucho:
  7. its mine folks :biggrin:
  8. You bought it? Congrats! :cool:
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats. It's adorable!!! Not sure my Treo and keys would fit in there, but it sure is CUTE!
  11. yes. i think its perfect for a casual night out..just throw in the phone, keys and maybe a LV pmp coin case with cash and credit cards...i dont normally carry my entire life with me anyways, thats what i carry in my car lol
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