Is this a stupid question????

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  1. I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, I have a speedy 30 , now in some pictures throughout this thread some of the bags have their locks on. I never thought about it, should I put it on? What does everyone else do? Thanks
  2. No questions are stupid :smile:

    I guess most LV-lovers keep their locks on mainly for decoration purpose....I do. but I never actually lock my bags.
  3. you know i do too.

    but i imagine that if i am at a party or if i am going to be in the packed subway i would lock it. but it is basically very nice decoration. sad it is too heavy to turn into a necklace charm.
  4. Since I have a few of the locks, I use one of them as my keychain. Nice and easy to get keys in and out :smile:
    The others I use as deco. for bags :smile:
  5. I use mine for decoration purpose as well.
  6. My one is for decoration as well. Though hopefully I'll have more than one lock in my collection. :yes:
  7. i keep my locks on purely for the look off it
  8. i dont have mine on my speedies anymore. it stretches out the hole and makes it look ugly, imo
  9. Decoration
  10. I used to use them as decoration, but as I kept putting more stuff in my speedy I decided to leave the lock off to save weight.
  11. i keep the lock on as well...though i guess over time it does stretch the hole and the lock does tend to tarnish over time
  12. I leave my lock on don't use it lock up the bag though...just like the look of it!
  13. i keep it off .. hehe too afraid to tarnish the leather :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.