Is this a sky blue classique?

  1. I can't tell but is this sky blue? Is sky blue very light? I'm looking for a very pale blue shade, something muted if I go with a blue. Thanks!

  2. I am not sure, but I LOVE that bag! I would love to have sky blue or ice blue! They are both muted beautiful shades of blue.
  3. i'd have to say, it sorta looks like sky blue.... someone has one for sale in the marketplace.... its a FIRST sky blue old leather... its totally cute!
  4. I think someone here is selling a sky blue for a really good price. Check out the marketplace!
  5. It is sky blue, but I think its the city size.
  6. PurseSlave is selling the sky blue classique at a great price, you should check out her WTS thread in The Marketplace :nuts:
  7. Thanks for confirming it's the sky blue. Nicky's looks really light and that's what I want if I decide on blue vs. pink. Thanks everyone!