Is this a sign?

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  1. So I finally break down again to purchase the new LV Batignolles. They currently have free shipping on Eluxury, I only save about $20, but it's an excuse to buy it today. So of course, it's out of stock again! Last time I went to get it, out of stock. Is this a sign that perhaps I should just give up????? I already came with my justifications and everything.HAHA. Instead of hiring a painter to paint my living room, I am going to do it myself. I mean I really want that bag.
  2. I think if you really want the bag, go for it. It looks like you put a lot of thought into getting the bag ;) , so don't let your experience deter you.
  3. It's just a sign that EVERYONE wants the bag ! Persist ! :lol:
  4. Sign my foot! Honey, I have tried on all three Batignolles and they are gorgeous, as Ayla says, persist!
  5. The Batignolles is an awesome deal! Especially the Vertical or Horizontal (which ever you choose). A spacious LV shoulder bag under $800? That's a good deal!
  6. I agree it's well priced. I love that I can admit that on this forum. I would get dirty looks if I said that out loud. My friend's think LV are never good deals. I just called they said they will be getting another shipment this week. I'll keep you posted./
  7. My Batignolles Horizontal is my favorite bag. Keep trying; it's worth being persistent for!
  8. Just tried to order the Horizontal from and it's in stock!
  9. Good news, was sucessful this morning!!! Should be here in 5-7 days business days.....
    Boy I hope that Christmas bonus is good...............
  10. Yay, I'm really glad that you stuck to it ! :lol:
  11. Congrats!!
  12. I'd say if its something you really want, go for it :biggrin: It should come back in around a few days, elux always does that.
  13. Just hang in there .. when you finally get it, it will be THAT much more satisfying, I promise. Where's the fun of getting a new handbag if the chase isn't part of it?
  14. nobody in this forum is a quitter!!! :biggrin: dont start now!!!!
  15. Guess what's on the fed-ex truck right now out for delivery???? I am so glad I kept trying.