Is this a sensible first chloe purchase?

  1. Hi all, me again!
    I've got my eye on a black betty which would be my first purchase of a 'proper' bag! I wanted your opinions on wether or not it's a sensible purchase. I want something that will go with anything, that I can use day to day, maybe for going out (although it may be a bit too big for going out), for hand luggage etc. That's why I've gone for black. Do any betty owners have any advice or opinions for me?
    I'm getting confused as I also like the brown betty and the betty shopper (on sale at NAP), but can really only (just) afford one bag. HELP :push:
  2. I think the Black Betty is a great choice for your first Chloe! I don't have one myself but alot of TPF'ers do. There are great sales going on so you could get one now at a great price. Good Luck and post photos!
  3. The black Betty is a great choice. Determine which style best fits your life style. The Betty tote is slimmer and deeper, while the Betty satchel is boxier. I actually have both and like both, so it's hard to choose which is better. I probably use the tote more.
  4. The Black Black Betty is a great choice! :tup:

    I have two Betty's and love them to bits. The Black Betty on NAP is the large size though so rather big and wouldn't really be suitable for a night out......