Is This a Scam?

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  1. A while ago, I was scammed by an ebay member out of $295. I filed a paypal claim and got $200 back. Now I get this email from a email address:

    "Dear Ms. X --

    I am writing on behalf of ebay seller lgad77 to refund any monies owed to you by this seller with regards to an ebay transaction that fell through on or about June or July of this year.

    According to the seller's paypal account information, a refund of $200.00 is due to you. Would you please kindly send me a quick message to confirm this amount, providing detail where a partial refund may already have been given via the seller's paypal account, and providing a P.O.Box or address to which we can submit the refund.

    We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with this seller and wish to make full restitution as soon as we have confirmation from you.

    Thanks very much."

    What do you guys think?
  2. ^^That's a good idea, thanks.
  3. follow the above post.....sounds like a scam to me.....
  4. Yup...thats definitely sounds fishy..
  5. The person might want to re-open their paypal account or use it again and needs to settle their debts first. I agree, call paypal.
  6. sounds like a scam to me. don't reply. contact paypal about it. good idea.
  7. ita
  8. 99% likely to be a SCAM. I would report it.
  9. strange...
  10. Well, I forwarded it to both and I got an email today saying I am getting a refund from the seller! Thanks for everyone's input.
  11. Sweet!!! You must be ecstatic!!:yahoo:
  12. congrats!!!!!!! I'm glad it worked out in the end
  13. I am so relieved! After all the horror stories about Paypal and such, I can't believe I'm actually getting a refund. Took long enough, but better late than never!
  14. Yep, she wants to open her PP account back up. I have the same thing going on... A seller owes me about $60. I have not left FB for her yet.