Is this a scam?

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  1. Not sure if the correct place to post...Close if necessary.
  2. The fine print shows that that advertisement was not endorsed by LV so I would beware.
  3. I read that... however, that clause is no different than what reputable E-bay sellers include in their listings....

    I suppose one should beware, as if it is too good to be true - it usually is.
  4. hmmm.... I just randomly punched a few numbers with my knuckles and it's saying "great news, we accept people from your area"......

    However, it doesn't seem like a total scam, cuz it's still selective... ie I punched in a few other numbers this time and it said "sorry, not available to people here"

    so now they're asking me for my personal address................ummmm....... I dunno
  5. lol ofcourse it's a scam they always end up asking for you'r credit card #
  6. not sure, but I would not go for it.
  7. Theres no such thing as a free lunch... or LV
  8. I wouldn't do it
  9. This thread is just screaming bad karma!!! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.