Is this a safe way to pay for Ebay?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    If an auction ends without bids but a seller and I agree to pay for it outside of Ebay via Paypal, is it safe to send "Quasi-Cash" for the amount? I don't want to end up not receiving the item and then having no recourse.

    Thanks, hope it's not a stupid question!
  2. Oh my gosh! Be careful. I am a victom of this crime! I paid via paypal and never received my package. What I believe happened is the seller took my package to the p.o. paid for postage, and just never shipped it. They had proof they paid for shipping, but I had no bag. Paypal did nothing because of their proof. But if you really want to do this make SURE you tell the seller you want insurance and a tracking # that paypal can track. What really sucks, since I didnt go through e-bay. I cant leave feedback, for the other buyers out there. Good luck to ya'!
  3. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Ask her if she'll set it up as a buy it now for you. I believe there's a way she can do that as a 2nd chance offer. That way you'd be more protected in the event you didn't receive the bag.

    Also, just thought about it, if she doesn't want to pay the fees to list, ask how much they are and offer to go in 1/2 on them, if it's worth it to you
  4. :amazed: That's awful, Ranskimmie!
  5. That *is* totally awful. I've arranged to buy things 'behind the scenes' a few times now. I always ask the seller if they would mind putting the item up for auction again and I volunteer to pay the fee for that. It just gives me piece of mind and the added protection of an ebay auction. Also, of course, I always pay via PayPal and through a credit card. I've been burned before, too!
  6. I've had a few ladies pay me via Paypal outside of Ebay but I certainly have always sent the items. Hmmm.
  7. If only there were more sellers like you, the world would be a better place:love: :biggrin:
  8. I think that PayPal itself provides pretty good protection, actually, as long as you use a credit card.

    I suppose that I'm just ultra paranoid, so I pay the little bit extra (for the listing that they do up for me), as I realize that it is extra time and effort for the seller.

    Usually sellers are so kind to me about this, though, and are totally willing to relist the item. I've never had anybody tell me no!
  9. That is so horrible and tricky of them!!! I never thought one can pay for postage but don't actually send the item.. Wow..
  10. wow...i've done a few out of ebay transactions too and have always received the package. guess i got lucky. next time i think i'll do one of the suggestions above. no point taking unneccesary risks!
  11. I would set the auction back up w/o any gravy {no pic, no gallery} and do it w/ the BIN amount you guys agreed on.
    You both should protect yoursleves and you get a positive feedback as well!
  12. i would't do this unless it was a very reputable seller with tons of feedback and all positive feedbacks. if she has one negative, forget it. actually the only one i would trust to do this is personalshoppers.
  13. Exactly, Swanky. That's how I ask them to do it for me.
  14. I would be very cautious about this as well!! Make sure you have other means to contact her e-mail, phone.. whatever.. just in case... you never know what would people do!
  15. I would be very wary to conduct a transaction outside of eBay. Have you decided on what you are going to do?