Is this a Riki or a Ramona??

  1. Pretty sure that's a Riki. Looks too small to be a Ramona. And Ramonas are usually $1850.
  2. Thanks...

    What do you guys think of this white one... love it?
  3. LOVE the white :love:
    what a great summer bag!
  4. I also really like the white with gold hardware...

    Is the Riki in general considered a big bag or more like medium sized? I'm 5ft.. would it look big on me? I like big bags...
  5. I would say the Riki is more med bag. I am only 5'1 and I wear the Riki, but much prefer the Ramona!!!
  6. Believe it's a Rikki, the measurements look small for Ramona. Pretty bag!!
  7. I have this Rikki bag in ivory and I think it is the perfect size, (I am 5'2). I have been a little afraid to use it because of the color but I have to get over that!
  8. I have a black Riki and that is the exact price it was. Got to be a Riki. I love it!
  9. In my opinion, Riki would be a better choice for your height. White Riki is beautiful. =)