Is this a reissue? If not, what it is?

  1. No, it's a flap with mademoiselle closure, and looks like the NEW chain that was introduced S/S2007. Not sure of the leather however, not caviar, maybe same leather from Outdoor Ligne.:yes:
  2. No..its classic flap
  3. Thanks!!!!! Maybe my SA got that bag confused with the reissue.......I need to seem them IRL, this is confusing me too!!!

    Thanks Mon and Mira!!!
  4. How much was that pink croc 50's flap for?

    where is it available from? Im sooo loving this
  5. I like the mademoiselle clasp on the brown flap bag. It certainly looks like a reissue. Why is it a classic and not a reissue? I'm a bit confused.

    I thought that classics only had the CC closure. Are flap bags available with the mademoiselle clasp? I haven't seen any by reading the threads. Please help. I'd like to buy a Chanel, but I dislike the CC closure b/c they are too flashy.
  6. The bag on the lower left is the reissue with the mademoiselle turn lock and metal shoulder chains, but it was a 2006 release, not the 2005 anniversary one with the 2.55/2005 stamp. The color is actually bordeaux, and looks like a deep red oxblood type of color in real life. I really wanted it when it first came out and realized I needed to stop myself before I got into credit card debt LOL.

    Hope this helped!
  7. So, the previous posts are incorrect?

    Are the reissues still available? Are the chains removable?
  8. it does look like a reissue though :biggrin:
  9. That brown bag on the left is not the bordeaux reissue. The poster is mistaken. I know that for sure. However, not sure what it's called, does look like the new chain chanel has introduced though. I wonder if this is calfskin? I feel like I remember reading something about calfskin. The leather reminds me of my brown GST in calfskin I have from last fall. Anyone else think so?
  10. ^^totally agree, that is NOT the bordeaux reissue.

    Chanel hasn't released any NEW reissues. If this is for fall it's going to be a classic with mademoiselle closure and new chain. It looks like the same leather from the outdoor ligne.