Is this a regular thing for sellers?

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  1. This is the first time i have sold an expensive bag on eBay and somebody won it with a buy it now. I happened to be online at the same time so sent them an invoice straight away.

    But still no payment - do people usually wait a while or pay instantly? I always pay instantly unless i have bought a few items and request combined postage.

    Hmm...does this happen to other sellers often?
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    If I am online when the auction ends or someone wins I will send an invoice straight away also, but that doesnt mean the person hasnt hit buy it now and walked away for some reason or another. Sometimes as a seller I have to chase people up but I ask that payment be received within 5 days so if I havent heard from them in 3 days I will send a quick email asking if theyre still interested in the item.
  3. I purchased and item and then had trouble with paypal (they changed the process from the last time I sent money through them). To get my account verified and credit card link took 2 days. So I didn't pay until two days later! I did let the seller know through a message that I had intentions to pay and that I was just waiting on paypal
  4. I usually pay immediately, but this week I bought a high dollar item and waited until early morning when a Google payment came in to pay. It was only 7 hours and since I won at 10 pm and paid at 5 am the seller wouldn't have done anything overnight anyway.

    Also food for thought. I won bidding on my iphone but you can't pay using the eBay app.

    So, there may be a reason they didn't immediately pay.
  5. Not sure it is bad communication if the buyer doesn't answer a notice or shipping notification.

    I typically don't respond unless I have a question. If you got a shipping notification from Amazon would you reply??

  6. I sell many expensive bags on ebay. I have had a lot of people pay right away, but some take a while. I, too, always send the invoice to them at once. Most people will pay, but no very quickly !! good luck with the sale.
  7. Thanks guys - i guess im just nervous as its my first time - she does have excellent feedback.
  8. I always pay immediately, but, from what I gather, most people don't. I would send a reminder by email after three days and a final one after seven days if she still hasn't paid.
  9. Ok never mind. Completely missed my point.

    But no, a shipping notification from an online store is a completely different thing to email communication from a private seller. Perhaps its just me that likes to acknowledge an email from a seller.
    Anyways this is off topic I was just making a statement about buyers who dont communicate or jump in and pay straight away, didnt expect an issue out of it... sorry, Ive deleted it from my original post.
  10. That is why it is always useful to set BINs with immediate payment required. Auctions are another story....
  11. ^^ as soon as i set auction i regretted not doing that - im new at this though, so lesson learned :smile:
  12. Well, you never said how long ago the buyer won the auction? According to fBay's rules, the buyer has 7 days to pay. I wouldn't worry just yet...

    The economy is crapola now, so maybe she needed a few days before she got paid??
  13. You need to go into your seller's preferences next time and check the box for "immediate payment for buy it now." That way you will get paid immediately (they can't do the BIN until they pay). Since you didn't do this, they now have 7 days since auction ended to pay before you can file with ebay -- no matter what you say in your listing about 48 hours, 5 days, whatever... Of course the right thing to do is for a buyer pay right away, or at least send a message when you expect to pay. You don't want to make them mad by sending a bunch of invoices, but I think another one in a couple of days after the first one is OK. Then if you don't hear in 7 days, file with ebay for non-paying bidder.:yes:
  14. ^^Thanks for the advice. Im not worried yet was just curious if this was common practice with BIN.

    Thanks all :smile:
  15. One thing, now that I use my iPhone a lot for eBay I have to remember I can't bid on the BIN that require an immediate payment.

    While getting an immediate payment is great and is great for keeping away the people who click BIN by "mistake" or with no intention of paying, it does mean that the person must be on a computer.