Is this a real Novak bag?

  1. I'm not an expert on this at all but to err on the safe side, i'd say no. His feedback indicates that he's sold all types of items which makes me believe he probably sells stuff for other people if you know what I mean? Plus all the stuff listed are um... military related.

    I think he'd have no clue whether it's real or not too.
  2. If you look at his eBay store he has many designer shoes and accessories for sale, so it's not just military models.

    I'm no McQueen or authenticity expert but bag has a lot of details matching my genuine Novak (in my avatar) including the Qc on the feet and the zipper pull, the plastic inside zipper and the metal nameplate.

    Maybe someone who knows more about Novaks can help you out with more info.
  3. I have a brown Novak, not unlike the one being sold except it doesn't have the woven toggle. I do know that they did make the bag with that sort of toggle.

    Agree with Hovercraftier that the details do match many of the ones on my genuine bag.