Is this a real LV

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  1. yup..its been made :smile:..i believe so anyway...but dont quote me on it hehe...i think it was a limited edition
  2. Yes, this was an edition from louis, I think think they are a verified seller.
  3. :huh:h i loved this line! so cute! i wish i was into LV when all these neat styles came out...conte des fees, graffiti etc.
  4. I believe so, its really cute! :biggrin:
  5. Yes it's authentic but I have to say the conte de fees line was always my least favorite. That said they are very collectible. They were created to represent a fairy tale by the artist Julie Verhoeven. V
    eta from 2002
  6. I have to say that bag goes in my "Why Louis Why?" column. Not for me.
  7. I would buy that for a 5 year old. Not my liking at all! (but then again I LOVE the new preforated bags and the majority of members here do like them at all..) so don't listen to me!!! :nuts: :nuts:
  8. hahah. hey we all make mistakes sometimes. .some are more expensive than others, that's all. :biggrin:

  9. It's definitely authentic...I purchased an LV from this seller and had it authenticated. Super fast shipping...from Hong Kong! I got it in a day and a half!
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