Is this a real LV?

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  1. I was looking at this one on ebay. I have been communicating with the seller, but made no bids. She sent additional pics. I thought I would have my fellow LV lovers take a look. Here is the original add and I have also posted the links to the pictures on photobucket that she sent me this morning.

    additional pics from seller:

    Thanks in advance ladies!

  2. the last pic makes me suspicious, tell her you want a CLEAR shot of the leather patch.
  3. I don't like that she used eLux's photo instead of her own in the listing, and that the ones she sent you show so little detail.
  4. I second that. There's no way I would be able to make a judgment based on those less-than-perfect photos.
  5. Thank you guys. I knew I came to the right place. I have always been a lover of great bags, but until recently I didn't have to be quite as price conscious as i am now. So, I am not as knowledgeable at spotting fakes and stuff because it was never an issue for me before. But I can't take the aggravation and stress of wondering.
    :sad2: It may take a little longer than it used to, but I will just try to resist the temptation to buy at places other than reputable sources. LOL!;)
  6. I agree with you PurseFanatic! It is very suspicious that all the exterior pics are clear and well in focus, but all of sudden they can't do the same for the interior. Demand clear, close-up shots of the interior logo patch and the date code too.

    Oh, the current rate is too low for LV. I'm getting bad vibes about this auction.