is this a real kooba sienna

  1. I always feel 'icky' about bags that are sold at 'unbelievable' price, how can they be so cheap? I know great deals are sometimes possible, but I wouldn't want to take the chance of getting a replica bag. There are tons of listings of fake bags (any popular style, you name it) at ioffer that run for less than $300 (as low as $100 maybe) -- MJ Stam, Fendi Spy, YSL Muse, Chloe Paddys, Ballenciaga motocycle bags,... Kooba Sienna goes for anywhere from $100 to almost $200. A lot of ebayers buy at wholesale from ioffer sellers & have the bags shipped directly to the ebay buyer (drop-ship?). The worst thing is that these bags are sold at retail price sometimes to unknown buyer, how horrible!! Please be careful.

    I recommend buying from some trusted online retailers who often offer 30% off on Kooba bags including Sienna. Prices aren't as low as $200, but you won't have to worry about getting a 'replica' bag without knowing it. Good luck. =)

    Sorry for not really responding to your question.
  2. Kooba tags are tied on with brown thread, not the plastic thingies. I agree with bag.lover, price is way too low. I'd suggest buying from a reputable site and using a code (like with code "MUA20" for 20% off. Or Luna Boston, etc.)