Is this a real Juicy Couture Bag???

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  1. Are you very familiar with juicy couture bags? How can I tell if it's real or not??? I've tried looking it up online, but the guides aren't very helpful. Thanks.
  2. Juicy has so many styles and variations that I think it makes it harder to have authenticity tips that can be applied for all of its bags.

    That appears to be authentic to me, judging by the stitching and the quality of the leather. Then again, they're only pictures.
  3. the juicy bags that i have all have a crown next to the "juicy couture" label....i think it looks kinda fishy since it is just "juicy couture"...normally they add a little something extra to the labels...but i could definitely be incorrect, i am not an expert by any means! it's just my 2 cents.
  4. Hello, that Juicy seems real to me.
  5. I believe its authentic also, but I wanted to get a second opinion. The seller says she paid 300 dollars for it a while back...

  6. The seller says the bag was purchased three years ago. Maybe that has something to do with it???
  7. Do Juicy handbags come with serial numbers?
  8. the fact that it is around 3 years old efinitely could have something to do with it! mine are from about 6 months-2 years old...also if it is authentic and is 3 years old it is in fabulous condition!!
  9. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Im just hoping its 100% authentic like the seller claims it to be. I HATE knock off purses. I've never bought a fake purse in my life, and theres no reason to start now. I've always been a coach/dooney freak, so this will be my first juicy. :biggrin:
  10. It looks real to me, but I am by no means an expert. Maybe you could go to your local dept store, check out some of the Juicy bags, and then compare them to those pics? You could also ask the seller to post more pics. HTH!
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