Is this a real Chanel?


Mar 14, 2006

I was looking at this chanel bag and wanted to get your help to see if it's real or a fake? What type of bag is this? It has a long chain that can fit across the body, do you think the chain can be shortend? Thanks :biggrin:


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ValleyOppressed said:
I'm definately no expert, but it looks fake to me from the logo to the outside quilting...........?

I totally agree.
And also I feel like an authentic number is not clearly marked the size and shape look funny too.

I'm waiting for next Chanel expert answer:P
i dont think the long chain can be shorten unless you wrap it under the flap. some bags are made that it can be worn long or double strapped but i dont think this one is like that. i could be wrong. good luck!
Seems fake to me!! But, pictures can be deceiving. Where did you get that chanel bag from? How come it's already in your possession? Did you buy it from a seller & suddenly realise is it fake or not?
Yes, fakes do have a serial sticker in them - and can look very real.

If its from ebay can you give us the item number. Also, if it is from ebay check out the feedback.
Thanks for he help so far, I bought this bag in a used shop. It's old, but I thought it looked real. It has the embossed CC's, Gold Chanel Printed under the embossed CC's, heavy gold chain, Little gold CC's on the end of the zipper with a textured backing, Made in France on the opposite side of the flap and also the serial sticker. Look's real to me but i just wanted to more opinions.

Thanks again.
I would say it was fake, i'm not an expert but I know enough to see that the way the straps attach to the bag looks wrong, as does the quilting and the size of chanel stamp.

If I'm wrong someone put me right, but I'd say FAKE!
I really think you bought an authentic Chanel, but its a very old one. The previous owner didn't take care of this one. My mom has several of this same style bag, but hers are in excellent condition & yes the chain is long so when I wear it, I wear it like a messenger style. Hope this has helped you some.
Yes, it's an old bag and the leather does have some wear an tear, esp around the edges. Thanks for the help, I was told that it was authentic but I just wanted some other opinions.