is this a problem? stitch in new agenda...

  1. i was admiring my new agenda when i noticed that an interior stitch is one longer stitch than the others. hopefully the photo works. is this normal? thanks! 100_0034.JPG
  2. hehe, yes it is normal. When I first bought my MC agenda it also had the same problem and I thought I bought a fake LOL!

    here, just for reference...
    Well this is the outside, but it's the exact place where you'd get the two part of leather folding over. So on the inside, my agenda looks exactly like yours. Sorry I don't have a pic
  3. thanks so much! i just didn't want it coming apart later on!
  4. yeah, same in mine. It's probably so that the stitch doesn't end right at the end of that inner leather pocket, kwim?
  5. ^ :yes:
  6. mine's like that, too.
  7. ^^

    Good to know, I probably would have returned it !!!
  8. I have a long stitch that goes over a pocket like that on my wallet. That's normal as far as I know.