Is this a popular bag?

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  1. Hi ladies of the Coach forum!

    I have a question- I have a bag that I have used maybe 5 times and I would like to get rid of it. However, b/c Coach changes styles so often, I am unsure if it is even worth trying to sell. It is the small, black leather hobo, from the Soho line, I believe. I got it free by using LexisNexis points a few years ago, so I don't even know how much the bag actually sold for.

    It looks pretty close to this, just skimming eBay.

    Now, my question is: is this bag even desirable, or is it a waste of time to try to e-bay or put it at a consignment store?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. A lot of women buy small sohos as their first Coach purchase, or collectors like to have little things from this line. It's clean and classic, so I think it could sell.
  3. I am sure it would sell.. the best thing to do is put the style # and see what they have been selling for in the past 30 days.. that will give you a good idea. :yes:
  4. It WILL sell! My guess is original retail maybe 129.00 - 150.00 start it at 9.99 and let it fly . . .