Is this a pebbled leather specimen?

  1. Wow - if it is it's an EARLY one right? It looks like flat brass!
  2. hm, it's definitely an early model!
  3. It's not pebbled.
  4. Did you see the closeup of the strap in one of the photos? It looks to me like the strap is pebbled - but I agree the rest looks smooth.
  5. :smile: This style didn't come in pebbled leather...just the tote and classique did.
  6. where's mimi and lp when you need them!
  7. I think the strap looks a little pebbled because the leather is worn.:hrmm:
  8. I was just wondering the same thing!
  9. I *think* the seller bid on a flat brass hobo that ended last week. I'm not entirely sure if checkitoutauctions won. I don't remember who won it, d'oh and I had it under my watched items but deleted it already. But if checkitoutactions won it, maybe it's the same one? Or maybe she/he already had one and is selling it to make room for the won she/he possibly may have won from last week. Anyone remember seeing that auction?

    Also, I don't think it is the pebbled one. Looking at MiMi's photo of the chocolate tote and Louisey's site, the pebbled bags seem to have more structure (i.e. stiffer leather). The leather on the bag for this auction looks pretty soft and pliable. But that's just my opinion. Better let the experts answer this one for sure!
  10. We're hiding, hoping beyond hope that nobody would notice this listing...:cry: It ain't pebbled, but on these bags the leather on the strap and the cone/triangle bits attached to the body sometimes seems a bit thicker or like it has a slightly different texture from the body of the bag. It's chocolate brown (chauss, are you out there?). I would consider selling my mother for this one, if I hadn't already done so for the tobacco one... (sorry, mom). What's interesting is that the tag is sewn down all the way around - haven't seen that before. (God, I'm such a nerd.)
  11. Nope, definitely not pebbled leather! :smile:
  12. So this is an early b-bag then? 2001? 2002?
  13. ^ 2002, it's a flat brass hobo. I'm not sure about the condition (I can't tell in the photo if the main tassle looks half there? or not?) - but it's prettty :smile:
  14. werd to yo' motha! ;)