is this a pave diamond?

  1. Hey all

    I'm new to this whole diamond/jewellry stuff so I'm not sure of the names but the ring Jess Simpson has on her ring finger, is that what you would call a pave diamond?


    (picture taken from stills from Newlyweds Season 1 Ep 2)

    it looks like it has some black diamonds (is that what they're called?? see i'm a newbie :sweatdrop:) I think i'd like that as a right hand ring. Any idea where I can find something simialr or a better picture to show my jeweller? lol
  2. It is hard to tell by the picture since it is a bit blurry...Pave means that stones are set so close together that no metal shows.
  3. yeah the picture is blurry's the best I found..

    anyway I found these on

    I prefer the second style (the one that is more sqare) with black diamonds than the first one that looks like a thick band.
    08ES4161062W_lps.jpg 08PB099190W_01_lps.jpg