Is this a original Chanel Coco cabas?

  1. Hi,
    I thought this might be the place to get som help...:yes:

    Would you say this is a genuine Chanel coco cabas bag from this picture?
    chanel coco cabas.jpg
  2. I would say that's a genuine fake.
  3. how can you tell?
  4. Normally we only authenticate in the authentication thread, and this will probably get closed, but the first clue was the fake white hanging tag, and the second clue was the fake authenticity card.
  5. ok, thanks..
    new in here, so will try the other thread..
  6. it's fake, u can tell by the stitches on the big CC logo
  7. Now that's what I call a real garbage bag ;)
  8. The CC logo is so fake.
  9. Just pulled out my orginal cabas from last year. looks nothing like this...agree with all the gals above. C's don't look like that, stitching is not the same....

    Run, don't walk, away from this...
  10. The serial number on the "authenticity" card is the most commonly used serial number on fakes.

    That "leather" is disastrous.

    Even the chain seems to be thinner...

    The top "scrunches" are waaaay too scrunched.

    White tag and CC stitching are incredibly off.

    What everyone else said, FAKE. RUN!!!
  11. Curious, Mon, how could you tell from that distance the authenticity card was fake? I do not see plastic. Is it the number?
  12. ^For me, the serial number itself is a dead giveaway. Almost all of the fakes I've seen online and in person have that exact same serial number (and serial numbers are supposed to be unique to ONE bag).