is this a no-no?

  1. Can I wear white to a wedding? It won't be anything at all similar to a wedding dress. I just have a black-tie optional wedding to go to at the end of the summer and all the cute dresses I keep seeing are WHITE! :push: What about a little white sequined shift dress with black tights? Or is white to a wedding just a huge no-no?
  2. I'm getting married in October, and I would definitely be a bit upset if someone wore white to my wedding. Definitely a no-no.
  3. I guess I can respect that, Ginger. I certainly wouldn't want to upset the bride! My wedding was 2 years ago and I can't remember what anyone wore :wtf: Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!
  4. I would not wear a white dress to a wedding.
  5. a little white dress would be so cute. my friend was married on a beach in Hawaii and lots of wore really cute white sun dresses. my friend did not care one bit.
  6. I personally would not wear white to a wedding, but I have seen other women wearing white dresses at weddings. I remember once commenting to a friend about someone's white dress and she shrugged and was like "why not?". Not everyone thinks its in poor taste, but I think to be on the safe side perhaps choose another color?
  7. I would say this is still one rule not to break but I have seen it. Someone wore a white suit to my wedding... didn't really care personally but many women would.
  8. I think wearing white to weddings is still a faux pas. I would go for something pastel or black and leave the bride as the only person in white.
  9. Thanks, everyone. I was kind of hoping I'd post the question and then everyone would say "nah, don't worry about it!" but I guess that's not really the case.:shrugs: I still have a few more weeks to find a dress so I'm not too worried yet...
  10. Yes, good choice, white is for the bride. =)
  11. I did not wear white to my wedding!! I had a few friends that did...Things like that just do not bother me. You are right..there are sooooooooooooooooo many cute white dresses out there. I think ti would be fine! Its not like you are going to have on a wedding gown! KWIM!
  12. I wouldnt do it, I think its in bad taste too.
  13. I would not. Check White House Black Market for some nice black and white dresses.
  14. I'd say no as well.
  15. maybe you could find something with white in it, and that would be fine, but no, i would stay away from an all white dress. you don't want to be the center of attention, it is the bride's day.