Is this a nice patina or too dirty

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  1. I bought this preloved....a 2004 Speedy :blush: I think it has a nice patina to it, but does it look too dirty? Should I get it replaced?

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  2. You didn't show a closeup of the handles, but from what I can see in one shot they're brown--dark--in the middle. That's dirt buildup from handling over time, and I do find that unsightly. I couldn't live with that.

    The rest of the leather looks like normal aged patina to me.
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  3. I would clean it and then use a good leather moisturizer. I like Cadillac leather cleaner/moisturizer. The handles look particularly dark which is normal after years of use and not cleaning.
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  4. The underside of the handles are a place that collects all the sweat and dirt from the previous owner. That is my biggest turn off. All the things they touched and the hands they shook, are all deposited there. If you buy it maybe you can have it cleaned?
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  5. Very interesting, I've learned something new! Thanks everyone for your advice :hugs:
  6. I agree that the handles look a little too dark in the middle.
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  7. I think it looks beautiful, i really would love my handles to look dark like that too, but my Speedy 30 is only a day old lol. If you buy it, just clean it to make it hygienic, try and get a bit of the darkness out of the middle and your good to go. Love the vintage look of the leather, i think that's what makes the bag beautiful.
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  8. The leather on this vintage bag needs to be moisturized ASAP!
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  9. I would clean it with saddle soap, wipe it with baby wipes and condition it afterward.
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  10. Personally, I don't mind the look of the patina. It looks gorgeous. Just enjoy your bag. People don't see the underside of the handles anyway when you're carrying the bag, and it's obviously not physical dirt, it's just how the patina happened to happen because the previous owner might have used a lot of lotion or something on their hands. Enjoy your bag! I hope this helps! Just do whatever you want to do; if you want to replace the leather, then go for it!
  11. ITA!
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  12. Thanks everyone! :smile: