Is this a nice bag?

    I looked around and found this bag and fell in love with it as soon as I spot the first picture! I am not familiar to Gucci collections at all, I wonder is this a good buy? If anyone has this bag, pls share your experiences with 'her'! Ta!~:yahoo:
  2. I like the bag as well...but i was just wondering how come it says in the description that the bag is made in France? :hrmm:
  3. I love it I've seen it its very practical I think
    gorgeous bag
  4. Yeah the made in France has me stumped as well.
  5. Its a cute bag, but I just checked the Gucci website and did not even see that type of bag on it. I'd be cautious :nogood:about getting that, or you might want to wait for other opinions. ;)
  6. i'm not sure about the sizes because 35(W) X 30(H) cm doesn't equal 11"(W) X 9.4"(H) X 5.5"(D). so be cautious about it.
  7. in this pic it says 'made in italy': could be a typo since he sells more LV bags. :lol:

  8. I remember this bag--I fell in love with it too when I saw it at the Gucci store. It's a beautiful bag IRL. Not too practical though because it's a flat purse, so I decided against getting it. I think it was released about 1.5 years ago for $1800. However, it wasn't in the guccissima leather, so the price could be more.