Is this a new style?

  1. never seen it.
    but, i'm not a canvas bag lover so i might very well be uninformed on this. i admit it freely ;)
  2. The description of "Leather 'H' logo at bottom" leaves me wondering if it is legit.
  3. No, I don't think it is new, but I don't know which season(s) it is from. I *have* seen it before, but only in the travel or housewares section of larger boutiques.
    I think it's still considered part of the Deauville line if I'm not mistaken.

    Oh and I think the "leather H logo" they are referring to is just the way the leather straps overlap onto one another.
  4. Gazoo, I think it came out earlier this year or late last year. I think it's called the "Troca Horizontal." They had quite a few of them at the George V store in Paris during the April month in red, brown and black and come in a few sizes. They're actually quite cute IRL. The exterior pockets seem pretty handy.
  5. Thank you for sharing, orchids. You are one of a very small group of H experts that I trust with H information. Merry Xmas and I love learning from you.
  6. Tote.jpg
  7. That Is One Great Bag.....Very Easy To Put Everything (Or Least Your Extras!!!) In & Just Go!!!!!!

    ***I Like That It's In Housewares....Nice Gift!!!!! Wouldn't It Be Gorgeous To Fill For A "Welcome To Your New Home" Gift?!!!