Is this a new Speedy (from new collection)

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  1. A link or a picture would help :smile:
  2. Hmmmm.......... still no link.
  3. I think she meant this one:
    It looks cute!!!
  4. doesn't look like a speedy to me.
  5. Hopefully this will work - I'm having problems posting pictures...Here is a close-up.

  6. with a strap so thick, i would think it would be a shoulder bag.
  7. here's the metallic speedy:

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  8. Oh crap...I want that!

  9. the metallic speedy is pretty nice i want one toooo
  10. I'm not sure if I'm really feeling it yet, but it definitely looks hotter than the perforated !
  11. I really like the metallic speedy, I'm going to see if theres a wait for that next time I go to LV :biggrin:
  12. I really like these. Can't wait to see them in person. I wonder what other colors will be released.

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  13. wow...I don't think I can pull off the metallic speedy...I would look like a poor girl carrying an LV made of tin or aluminum foil...I wonder what it's made of? I'd like to see one in person!
  14. Me neither but I do like the bag. Its a bit LOUD!! yet still cute. I'm sure it'll grow on me.........

    I like the metallic in the Alma better than the Speedy.