Is this a new scam tactic? I'm still in shock as a newbie seller!@!@!

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share this as I'm still in shock...

    1. Woke up and checked my auction, JUMPED FOR JOY! Cannot believe my luck that someone had BINed my Cha**l and made instant payment through Paypal. Buyer had over 150 positive feedbacks, address in the US and I quickly noted down details so that I would ship out the bag later today within 24 hours.
    2. Checked my Paypal account - payment made, good to go.
    3. Whilst on the paypal site, did some checking on my other transactions which took like 1 MINUTE!
    4. Went back to the main account log and what did I see? PAYMENT REVERSED to seller?? But I did not do any refunds or execute anything????

    I totally freaked out! How stupid am I to somehow "reverse" a payment for a sale? This is only my 2nd sale so I thought that somehow I had done the reversal :sad: Was afraid that seller would now back out etc etc, not make another payment, my fault... how to explain.. I was shaking with panic :sad:

    So immediately I called Paypal. Phew - they checked and told me that the once payment is received, it cannot be reflected as "reversed" - Something was wrong on the BUYER's paypal payment. Not enough funds? Called Paypal to cancel the payment? More importantly, I did nothing wrong, and the seller fees won't be charged to my account. Phew!!!!

    5. So relieved ..... I next checked my email mailbox. Hey!!!???? There is an email from the "buyer" telling me that instant payment had been made - please send the bag to friend in Lithuania????? I clearly stated that I will ONLY ship to paypal address.

    Then it dawned on me. If I had not checked my Paypal to check payment was really in... and so happened to be still logged in and muddling around..... and then return make transfer of funds out - I WOULD not have seen that payment "reversed" status" so quickly!

    Also, had I just read that email, assumed that since payment was made - and sent the bag to Lithuania etc (I won't but some unsuspecting new seller may). The bag would have been lost forever - and no recourse since payment was "reversed" subsequently - if it was discovered after shipment was sent. How does one make payment through paypal then get it reversed? I reckon it must need a call to Paypal to cancel transaction? Can this be done? This is a big loop-hole for all sellers! The only recourse I can think of is that money has to be transferred out and NOT left in paypal balance, BEFORE SHIPPING TO PREVENT THIS SCAM.

    What horrors!! Anyway, I just wrote to the buyer asking why was payment reversed blah blah politely, re-sent a new invoice and informed that I will also only ship to Paypal address. Let's see what happens next.....

    Sorry for the long rant.... I'm still in shock
  2. Sorry typo above- "PAYMENT REVERSED TO BUYER"
  3. I don't think that is a new scam, but maybe a new scam to some of us. I'm glad you caught this terrible person before you had to pull your hair out. I guess this is one that we can all learn from. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. It looks shady.
  5. Yes, my gut feels that its definitely shady. No answer to my emails so far, got a feeling that I won't get one. But what is scary is that Paypal payments can be reversed after its made? Wonder what reasons would they accept and if there are timelines. Must check with them, this is very new to me as well :sad: Thank god I still have the bag with me!
  6. Lucky escape, cooLesThing! Thanks for putting this up here for unsuspecting sellers... this situation makes me shudder, and I'm not even a seller!
  7. Nowadays I also take it out of the pp account before I ship. One time I had a claim that lasted about 2 months and I could not use my pp account anymore, luckily I had the money out already, but it was really inconvenient! Buyer even said it was a mistake and her cc company did not act directly on her emails and calls where she supposedly corrected the thing (I don't think she did actually, but just said that to me, because it lasted so long)

    But thanks for this note, I will also make sure to pay attention to this in future.
  8. Old scam not a new one! The payment was probably reversed either by Paypal or by the legit buyer due to the account being hijacked by lil miss scammer in Lithuania. If you had sent the item and the money was only held by Paypal (which it sounds like what has happened to you) then don't fear because if you sent to the Paypal address you would still have been protected. But if you had sent it to Lithuania you would have been out the money and bag. You should report the ebay ID to trust and safety and get her suspended.
  9. I never send out anything before I see the funds in my checking account. I never leave behind anything for them to try and take or hold on to. Good thing you caught it before it was too late.
  10. you know, it really won't make a difference, even if you have already transfer the funds to your checking account, pp will still reverse the payment and make your balance Negtive. And if you don't bring it to 0, they will go through collection agency, and your credit will be damaged.
  11. Once the money is in my bank account nd it isnt a fraudulent payment, paypal will have to come up with a good enough story for my bank to allow them to take the money back. There are certain steps Paypal has to go through to reverse an electronic payment. As far as the collection things goes, they dont have my social security # so I doubt they can mess with my credit.
  12. #12 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    I will probably get bashed for saying so, but "a friend in Lithuania".... NO way!!! Even if you had not gotten the news from PP that this was reversed, this would not have been sent out if it were me. Did you know you can block international bidders in sellers preference. You can say in your auction something like "int. bidders contact me and I will consider your bid": i.e I'll take off the block if you check out. But there is just too much scamming going on now to take a chance. Report this buyer!!!!
  13. this is frightening. really and truly. i'm so glad you escaped this one!!
  14. Sorry this is happening to you but IMO, I would not give this person another chance. It's better to be safe than sorry. Just my 2Cents! Good luck and keep us posted!
  15. Its more then 24 hours, no response from the "buyer". Should I wait full 7 days before filing a strike? This is my 1st shave with almost getting scammed, I'd put up the sellers ID under our NPB list once that's done. I hope no other poor seller has fallen prey to this buyer, especially if the item was of smaller value and failed to transfer money out once payment was "made".

    How do I report this to Ebay? Apologies, but I'm really new to his...

    Thanks everyone for your kind support