Is this a new red -- rouge "eccentric"(?)

  1. On Mika's site, there is a Birkin with the color name rouge eccentric (I think). Is this a new red? Mika describes it as more toned down than rouge vif, but brighter than rouge H

    Here is a photo -- I just looked at the H color reference thread and didn't see any discussion on this color and couldn't find any past threads dedicatd to this color.


    Is this a new red that came out while I was out of the H scene?

    Any information would be appreciated!

    Apologies in advance if this was already discussed somewhere...
  2. Could it be rouge garance?
    I recently saw a dark red (darker than this), it was rouge moyen...
  3. pepper,

    I don't think so... The reason why I say that is that on Mika's site there is a rouge moyen lizard bag which is identified as rouge moyen. So I don't think they would be mixing up the two colors.

    The red bag that I posted above is identified as rouge "eccentric" (or something close to it). I can't figure out the correct spelling/name since it is spelled out in Japanese characters only.

    BtW -- do you know when rouge moyen came out? The first time I saw it was when I saw the rouge moyen lizard on Mika's site. I wonder if it is available in non-exotic leathers.

    It's very exciting to see so many new reds!!
  4. I haven't heard of it,
    but rouge moyen as far as I know is a color available in exotics only.

    If you don't mind, pm the link to me. I can read japanese as well, so I am interested
    to see if I read anything different ;).
  5. tenshi

    thanks for your help, but I believe the word rouge H is used to describe this specific color as being brighter than "rouge H" (as I have described in my initial post) and not as the color of this bag. ;)

    ルージュアッシュよりも明るい (brighter than rouge H)
  6. I just realized that ;)!
    Let me see...
  7. Thanks!! I am hopeful that it is a new red!

    Also thanks for the response on the rouge moyen....
  8. I've seen Rouge Moyen in Bufle Gala in a wallet. Very interesting about the red though....would love to know the answer.
  9. It seems I can only find reference to this color in japanese and the pictures provided
    on different websites show confusing shades...:shrugs:

    On her Blog,
    Mika already posed with a 'rouge excentrique' Birkin 25 in lizard back in Feburary...
    So I doubt it's a new thing:

    BK25 リザード ルージュエキセントリック 

    (see 2007/02/17)
  10. Wow. I love the name! Looking forward to learning more. Thanks for this thread.
  11. Rouge moyen is also available in suede. I've seen Vespas in this combo and dog collars as well.
  12. an aside, but how would you describe rouge moyen?
    i didn't know there was plain "rouge" too but another poster just posted a new evelyne and id'ed the color as rouge. i'm very behind in my rouge knowledge i think. i've seen garance and rouge h irl.
  13. I think I saw rouge moyen recently a small was dark and rich.
  14. orchids, HG and Pepper --

    Thanks so much for the info on rouge moyen. Hopefully I will see it in IRL.

    Tenshi, thanks so much for your search! I wonder if it is a new color.. I would love a new red, but this red (at least on screen) looks very close to rouge garance.

    I will try to go see this bag at Mika's store.