Is this a new Kelly?

  1. Does anyone know the name of this Kelly?

    All prices in Hong Kong dollars.
    Hermes in print.JPG
  2. I have seen this in a magazine as well, looks like a small Kelly but worn messenger style, maybe other variations are possible but I am not sure.

    ETA: I can't see the prices, can you tell me what it is please? Thanks.
  3. P, sorry, no I don't, hopefully someone else will. The colour is pretty!

    I love the mousse with the mink in the pic....ahhhhh!
  4. Could it be a fanny pack???????? GOOD GOD!!!!!
  5. Hopefully not the same translation of fanny that I know.

    P - where's the pic from? Must be a fairly new bag, because the mink-trimmed mousses are relatively new-ish?
  6. Keep Muffin's paw away from any BINs on that one!
  7. I wonder if that long strap in the pic belongs to it? Could be like a teeny shoulder bag?
  8. Don't worry, WONG.......can you just see me with a Kelly Fanny Pack? Oiy vey.....
  9. ...but I like whatever that furry thing is......
  10. ^ yeah, we had the furry thing at our store....cost more than a Kelly, I believe!!

    Gotta eat at Olive Garden to afford one of those babies, D.
  11. The prices are HKD21800 for the kelly and HKD85500 for the scarf with fur trim. The rate is 1USD = 7.8 HKD.
  12. I can't but maybe Muffin doesn't know better. Or BooBoo might get an itchy paw. You know how novices are. LOL.
  13. I called the flagship store and the SA does not have a clue. Initially she thought that I am talking about the Kelly pouchette but there is no handle. Then she says it might be the new Kelly wallet. I told her it is unlikely because there is no fold.
  14. gosh, I don't know, I've never seen it either.

    If no news by the weekend, I'll ask my SA, P.

    I thought you said you were done with your bags now????? He, he, he...
  15. ooh something new?