Is this a new fob??

  1. Saw it on

  2. Yes!!!!!
  3. wow it's so cute!!!!! :p
  4. So cute!! I saw that bee too!!
  5. Wouldn't it be cute on a black bag? LOVE it!
  6. Yeah... it would :nuts:
  7. yep and i love it!!
  8. I am definitely planning on getting that for my khaki/black Carly! I also want a Patchwork Flower for the cute little bee to buzz around.
  9. yup i saw it yesterday! totally ordering it with my PCE!
  10. Awww!!!!!! I NEED it for spring!!! It gets me into a spring-y mood, even though Christmas isn't over yet! Very cute!!! Thanks for posting!
  11. Omg!! Sooooo cute!! I am scared to death of (living) bees, but that is ADORABLE.
  12. I'm deathly allergic to bees but I am so getting this fob and putting it on my black Carly!
  13. I :heart::heart::heart: the bee it's so cute!
  14. when i first saw this, i thought that that the little bee looked mad! :p
    after examining it further, i do think its adorable!
  15. lol! He looks furious!