Is this a Moni Moni knockoff? Or just a different name?

  1. While looking at some sites to check out out Fall bags, I came across this on the Anthropologie site. I have a Moni Moni Splendor in caramel so I compared my bag against the pic on Anthropologie and they look identical except the Moni Moni heart tag isn't on the one in the pic. Is Moni Moni is selling their bags under a different name? Hmmm.:confused1:
  2. hmmmm, that seems very odd. it is a completely identical to the splendor, but it is sold under a different name. would they be that brazen to just copy the style?
  3. Well, anthropologie is a pretty "trusted" site, I think they're just selling the same design under a different name. That way, it's not really a knock-off...just a look a like...
  4. I think they sell certain name bags, but when they advertise them they use their own "cute" name. But if you see the bag in a store, I bet it will say Moni Moni or whatever. It's probably the deal they have with the manufacturer.
  5. I know they have a deal with Hayden-Harnett too - they sell HH bags under a different name on the A site; but then the bags do look different from the regular collection. So - it just sounds like that's the way the deal was set up - that way they aren't strictly competing against themselves, so to speak.
  6. Yup, it's usually a brand-name bag, they just give it their own nickname. I know they work with HH, Cynthia Rowley, and Orla Kelly, for example. Sometimes they'll name the designer in the description on the product page. I was pretty surprised to see that Splendor when I was looking thru their site yesterday!
  7. yeah Anthro is a legit site, they won't sell knockoffs - this is probably a Splendor anyway - but they do re-name the items they sell, which is kind of a pain in the arse cuz a lot of times you wouldn't know who designed the bag, as they don't put it in the description often....
  8. Believe it or not they were clearancing the Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag in navy w/brown basketweave about a year ago for $99. I spoke with a girl who bought it and they had just given it "their own" name on the website, but it was Rebecca Minkoof inside the bag! :nuts:
  9. Yes.. its definitely an authentic Moni Moni. Just under a different description. Most times they dont even put the maker, though for Rebeccaminkoff's bags they put her name in the description
  10. this means that this bag will potentially see many price reductions in the winter?