Is this a Miu Miu bag?

  1. Help:wtf: ! Ebay listing #330025531051 shows a photo of Jessica Simpson carrying a great bag........the listing is actually for a smaller similar version. The vendor states the bag is Miu Miu by Prada, but I searched the Prada web site and on ebay and cannot find another like it. Does anybody recognize it? and, if so, where would I find one? The listing is over soon and I don't know how to save the photo.
    Any help would be appreciated so much:flowers:
    Thanks! Alex (Zarina ... a newbie on the Purse Forum)
  2. I think that came out in a previous season... the seller must have gotten it at Off Fifth, the Neiman Marcus Outlet, or Loehmanns. Looks legit to me.
  3. I don't recognize it, but the smaller version they show is nothing like the one that Jessica is wearing. Really pathetic to compare the two. It could be an older Miu Miu.
  4. I agree cs06. That's pretty crappy of the seller to show JS with a wonderful large bag but sell the tiny one.
  5. you guys are right!! I got all excited when I saw the original photo and then had "lunch bag let-down" when I opened the listing!
    thanks for your tips....I will keep on trying. I have the feeling that you know what it is like to be driven when it comes to finding a purse you really want!!