Is This a Misrepresentation? Etro Golf Bag or No?

  1. This is an Etro Golfer Bag. The poster has removed the golf tees or they do not have them but does not mention it in the post - you can see the slots where they are placed if you look carefully -- and the golf ball that permanently hangs off the bag is only shown in one picture and is obscured by the watermark. There is no mention in the post that this is a golfers hand bag -- does this make it at all unethical or misrepresentative, yes or no, just curious :smile: would it violate any policy? If they do not mention the tees are missing or just do not have the tees equipped to purposefully misrepresent the bag is there something wrong with this? I will attach pictures that I have of this bag from when I used to have one so you can see how it looks as it actually is sold as new -- when this is sold NWT it includes 6 multicoloured golf tees placed in the slots - this seller says they are selling it NWT - just curious, what do you all think? Here's the link, one of their pics and my pic of the bag equipped as new when I had one.

    This is something I'm curious about :smile:

    eBay: NWT Auth Etro Purse Handbag Bag Wallet $1.095.00 (item 180079951643 end time Feb-27-07 09:10:54 PST)

    Item number: 180079951643

    The seller removes the tees that come with the bag and the only shot of the golf ball is obscured by the watermark - there is no mention of the bag being a golfers handbag or that the tees are missing in the posting. This is one of the pictures from their posting of the bag - the only one where the golf ball, which they do not even mention, is visible behind the watermark.


    Here is how this bag is sold .. from my own personal picture sold as a Golfers Bag with golf tees in slots :


    I'd feel bad for someone buying this bag and they find out they have a permanently attached purple golf ball .. I know the poster may be able to say well it was in the picture, but it sure is hard to know what it is from the picture and by removing the tees you really aren't seeing the whole bag as sold imo .. what are your thoughts?
  2. I see what you mean about the golf ball - I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't have pointed it out! Maybe you could send her a question, something like 'I love the golfers bag, the attached golf ball is cute. Does it also come with the golf tees?' There's an off chance that she will reply & post it to her auction, so people can see it is a golf bag.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't get involved - I don't think she has really misrepresented anything, as my photos (through photoshop) also get that little watermark on them! It is up to buyers to make sure that they are really buying what they want!
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