Is this a men's Muse?

  1. hi all,

    can anyone tell me which model of Muse is this? issit a men's model? XL? thx! :p

  2. Just want to let you know that Japanese men love handbag... they use balenciaga city and other brands as well....

    I am not surprised if he is carrying the XL muse...
  3. ^--- gosh, you learn something new everyday!

    Living in NYC, gender-appropriate apparel is largely a very vague concept at times. A few times, I've seen men with ... let's just say ... very stylized briefcases/laptop bags. :p But I think if I walked down the street and saw a man with any of MY bags (or worse yet, any of the bags that I lust after but don't own), I'd have to do a double-take. And if I had to share my beloved bags with the BF ... !!!!! :confused1: :crybaby: :cursing:

    I'm kinda glad I don't live in Japan. :p
  4. Gasp, that does look like the oversize Muse in black! I'll do a double take if I see a guy in person using that. I can't even stand blokes carrying bags on behalf of the GF. Geez.
  5. People react so strangely to men with bags, I really think it's quite absurd. A bag is simply a means of carrying things; they can work for men and women alike, though naturally some more feminine styles are going to look funny on men.

    Generally, though, "men's" bags have short handles, meant only to be carried in the hand rather than on the shoulder or in the crook of the arm but nothing is set in stone. So I would agree that it is an XL muse, considering the length of the handles.
  6. yeah that's an oversized muse. it looks good with him.
    i used to have one but i sold it in december. it wasn't "the one" for me... and then i finally got my nightingale(s)!! :p :ninja: :love:
  7. sorry for being off topic but.....Brian, you finally got your nightingale?!? Congrats! do you have pictures of it up? Is it the maxi? I'm sure it looks great! :tup: Wait..I just found a pic! It's name is pat? awwww. love it! That's like how my car is named Mercky (the bumper car).

    As for the guy with the muse...I think he looks fine. If his outfit was really over the top though, I don't think I would like it as much :p